Log Terrace Hat Yai

K's family and relatives travel to Hat Yai as often as JB people travel to Singapore. When comes to temples, massage, shopping and food in Hat Yai, they have lots to recommend and this restaurant was one of it. With the company of our tour guide from Alor Setar(who married a Thai) and his Hat Yai's friend, we arrived at Log Terrace Restaurant.

the entrance of Log Terrace

corner of Log Terrace

walk path to the dining place

It was a restaurant that built along a river and inside a cave. In daytime, you could opt to dine with river view.

But since we were there for dinner, we opted to stay inside the cave.

the menu

thai green chili dipping sauce, thai soy sauce and thai chili sauce

pineapple fried rice with chicken floss topping

stir fry asparagus

famous thai pork knuckles

duck egg kerabu with separated sauce

deep fried fish

seafood otak-otak

lemon steamed fish

prawn tom yam

thai coconut drink

The dim light condition had made taking food picture a challenge. Honestly, the pictures taken could not tell how tasty the food was. But I could tell you that this restaurant had made all other thai meals in the trip pale in comparison. Yes, many thai restaurants serve authentic and tasty thai food. But the cooks in this restaurant were so thoughtful in choosing the food ingredients and spices that the dishes gave a different initial taste, middle taste and aftertaste. The pineapple fried rice was outstanding, the kerabu was something new and creative and other dishes were equally good. The only two warnings that I heard were the long wait time and the mosquitoes, but I had not encountered these two problems during my visit. Just be prepared!

Log Terrace Restaurant
405/1 Soi 15 Satmongkhon Amphoe Hat Yai Songkhla 90110