Macau Part II

After the famous egg tart in Coloane Island, we went to The Venetian Macao, the biggest casino in Macau. I am sure another new casino will just overtake it very soon. But at the time of visit, it was the biggest caniso. For the casinos owned by Stanley Ho(the billionaire casino magnate who files lawsuit against his family recently), read here.

This renaissance Venice-themed casino resort had stunning replicas of Venice landmarks, the St. Mark's Square, the Doge's Palace, Campanile Tower, and indoor canals with gondolas and singing gondoliers.

statue and fountain

the corridor

After we thought we had contributed enough to the casino, we decided to take their free shuttle to Macau's ferry terminal. 

Free shuttle pick up point was at Hotel West Lobby.

direction to different shuttles

Venetian's shuttle

From the ferry terminal, we took a public bus to Lau Kei Pork Chop Bun(青洲劉記猪扒包) for lunch. It was a revisit.

the same old building

Prices had gone up since my last visit, but the food was still good.

back page of the menu

Fish ball 净鱼蛋 MOP10

blanched vegetables 油菜 MOP3.50

pork chop bun 猪扒包 MOP11

pork chop noodles 猪扒面 MOP14

iced milk tea 冻奶茶 MOP8.50

watercress with honey 西洋菜蜜 MOP6.50

A complete meal must be ended with dessert. So when we were back at Senado Square, we visited the 30+ years old Hang Heong Un(杏香园) dessert shop.

Hang Heong Un was famous for their walnut dessert(合桃类) and almond dessert(杏仁类). Make sure you order one from these two categories because these desserts are hardly seen in Malaysia.

the shop

If you were as greedy as me, you could order walnut and almond paste with ginkgo(白果杏仁合桃), priced at MOP29. It was a little bit pricey, but if you were to know the price of nuts and the time needed to prepare this dessert, then you would not complain. The dessert paste was very smooth, fragrant and most important, it was not too sweet.

But if you really do not fancy dessert paste, you could try their water chestnut with ginkgo(白果馬碲沙), priced at MOP29.

We posed in front of Ruins of St. Paul’s although we had done it last trip.

Ruins of St. Paul’s

Dinner was at Restaurante Bee Vee. Actually I wanted to try another crab porridge shop, but too bad that it was closed that night.

New menu 1

New menu 2

Somehow, the crab porridge did not meet our expectation this time. I was impressed by the Bee Vee's crab porridge(峰景蟹粥) during my last trip(read post). But this time, I was not sure if it was because I had found JinDaoYuan's porridge(金稻园砂锅粥)(read post) or Bee Vee's standard had dropped. But then, it was still worthy to pay Bee Vee a visit if you have not tried Macau crab porridge.

fried fish ball with rice cracker(米通鱼球)

Steamed Eel in Wok(嚄仔蒸鳗鱼) was a pleasant surprise. The fish texture was firm and the sauce was very appetizing.

Before we left Macau the next day, we went to Sheng Ji Bai Zhou(盛记白粥) which was the recommendation of most of the travel books.

It was located at the intersection if Calcada Do Tronco Velho(东方斜巷) and Rua Dos Cules(天通街).

the kitchen

cold desserts

menu page 1

menu page 2

white porridge

rolled rice sheet with crispy twisted doughnut

yam cake and carot cake
steamed pork dumpling(aka siew mai)

The food was too bland for me. But you can give it a try.