Macau: Wing Kei Beef Offal VS Hen You Fish Ball

They were alike but not the same. Both of these stalls sold curry, but Wing Kei was famous for Curry Beef Offal and Hen You was known for Curry Fish Ball.

We bumped into Wing Kei first. No hesistation at all, we got ourselves a small bowl of Beef Offal. (MOP$15 for small, MOP$25 for medium and MOP$35 for big) Obviously, Wing Kei was doing it a lot better than most of the Malaysia stalls. As Malaysian, sometimes we do hesistate when it comes to intestine. But this bowl of curry goodies was not a problem to me at all.

For those who still dare not to try, you can opt for Hen You Fish Ball. Hen You attracted a crowd of people until I had difficulty placing my order.

Taking a closer look. There were so many choices and I didn’t know what to let go.

The curry was not as thick as Wing Kei, but tasted as good. I liked the cheese balls and crab balls the most.

I bought a bottle of Hen You Curry Sauce, but I forgot to place in the check-in luggage. The Hong Kong immigration must be happy to have received it. Sob.

Wing Kei Beef Offal 荣记牛杂
Travessa Dos Anjos 天神巷
P/S: Travessa Dos Anjos(天神巷) was between Rua do Campo(水坑尾街) and Rua de Pedro Nolasco da Silva(伯多祿局長街).

Hen You 恒友
Travessa De S.Domingos 新馬路大堂巷
P/S: It was located at the small lane next to FANCL shop, together with Tai Tong Sai Wan On Kei(西灣安記) and Lemoncello Gelato(檸檬車露).



Can copy those ingredients to use in Penang lok-lok =) Especially the curry. Too bad you got "taxed" on the bottle in the airport.

soo sean

Too bad! And that it supposed to be used in my Deepavali celebration. Sob.