Macau: Yee Shun Dairy Company

I was craving for something sweet after Ving Kei Tou Fu, Wing Kei Beef Offal & Hen You Fish Ball. I have a sweet tooth, and I believe it is true for most of the gals. ;)

We came to this Yee Shun Dairy company (義順牛奶公司) located at
Senado Square. Actually we had passed by Yee Shun when we covered the 12th attraction, but that time we decided to keep the dessert after our proper meal. Yee Shun was one of the shop at the outstanding pink building right in front of the water fountain. There was no chance for us to miss it. :)

Basically, Yee Shun had become one of the tourist spot in Macau. So far, no one had left Macau without paying Yee Shun a visit. My guess. But I would be surprise to know that one visited Macau but didn't try Yee Shun. Their must try menu were the double-layer steamed milk and ginger milk curd. recipe here!

For the first visit, we tried steamed milk. Then, we were back again on our last day in Macau to try the milk curd. No doubt, the deciding factor would be the quality of the milk. But, the ratio was rather important. The ratio of sugar and milk, plus the ginger(for milk curd), all had to be in the right amount to ensure they would not overpower each other. It was not surprised when the double-layer steamed milk and ginger milk curd served were hot, smooth and with rich fragrant of milk. On the other hand, the double-layer steamed milk with red bean was not bad too. But I prefer the plain one as the red bean had covered the milk taste.

milk cow sign

enlarge to read the menu

The cold desserts were taken here while the hot desserts were prepared from the kitchen behind

plain double-layer steamed milk pudding 双皮炖奶 MOP$16

double layer steamed milk pudding with red bean 红豆双皮炖奶 MOP$18

ginger milk curd 姜汁撞奶 MOP$18

I always like to test ginger milk curd with a spoon.

I had made a very good effort to search and translate Yee Shun branches in Hong Kong and Macau in both languages, in fact for all the posts. So, do remember to keep a copy when you travel there. Note that Yee Shun has branches in Hong Kong too, but with slightly more expensive prices.

Yee Shun Dairy Company 義順牛奶公司
Main Branch in Macau:
7 Senado Square 议事厅前地7号
Tel: 28573638

Macau other branches:
11 Rua Ferreira do Amaral R/C 东望洋街11号
Tel: 28304857

381 Avenida de Almeida Rebeilo 新马路381号
Tel: 28373104

Hong Kong branches:
G/F 63 Pilkem St Kln 佐敦庇利金街63號地下
Tel: 2730 2799

G/F 244 Sai Yeung Choi South St Prince Edward 太子西洋菜南街244號地下
Tel: 23933301

G/F 513 Nathan Rd Yanmati Kln 油麻地彌敦道513號地下
Tel: 2374 5460

G/F 506 Lockhart Rd Causeway Bay 銅鑼灣駱克道506號地下
Tel: 2591 1837



yum yum...i love tau fu fah....


Good job. I will keep this for my visit there. Thanks.