HK: Lucky Dessert & Shek Mo Fong

The next time if I ever come to Hong Kong again, I will still stay in Mong Kok. It was so convenient to stay in the heart of Kowloon where there were many shops and restaurants around. I could shop every night. There was time when my legs refused to walk anymore, I could just enter any of the dessert shops to have some desserts or drinks while my legs recharged some energy. Dessert shops was popular in Hong Kong. And, this post will cover 2 dessert shops that I had tried in Mong Kok.

performance on one of the Mong Kok Street

The first shop was Lucky Dessert (發記甜品) originated from Sham Tseng(深井). Now that Lucky dessert had expanded to Mong Kok, Causeway Bay and other areas, customers did not have to travel all the way to Sham Tseng.

Since I had captured all their menus, you could take a look at them.

They all looked very delicious to me.

More temptations.

Detailed price list 1

Detailed price list 2

I felt like having durian. So, I ordered a durian pancake(班戟榴槤) and a durian dessert(榴槤飄香). Durian pancake was similiar to what I had at
Honeymoon Dessert (满记甜品), only that the mango was replaced with durian. The durian puree was fresh, thick and with strong durian taste. So, I did not mind paying HK$19 for it.

Durian dessert was another yummy dessert strictly for durian lovers only. This dessert was slightly expensive compare to the previous one. It was HK$25.

The second dessert shop was Shek Mo Fong(石磨坊) which I went on my last night in Hong Kong. Shek Mo Fong was serving creative desserts.

I did not like the Yam Ice Blended(香芋刨冰) though it was one of their popular desserts. Maybe the serving was too big or the ice was too cold for me.

The Red Bean Roll(雪白甜如筒) was a hit. The roll had santan fragrant and the red bean paste was smooth. Remember to order this!

Total bill was HK$29 for the yam ice blended and red bean roll.

Lucky Dessert 發記甜品
G/F25-27 Soy St, Mong Kok 旺角豉油街25-27號
Tel: 2332 8919

Shek Mo Fong 石磨坊
G/F88 Hak Po St, Mong Kok 旺角黑布街88號
Tel: 2398-9490

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