HK: Causeway Bay

Wan Cai(灣仔), Causeway Bay(銅鑼灣) and North Point(北角) are three places in Hong Kong Island. They could be reached by either MTR or Tram. I am going to dedicate one post for each of them.

I reached Causeway Bay at noon. First stop was the landmark of Causeway bay, Time square. I managed to get myself a few pants here.

This photo was taken at the building behind Time Square. The faded and dirty painting of this building was a big contrast to the new and modern Time Square building.

There were a few villain hitters under the flyover at the intersection of Hennessy Road and Canal Road West. That was the main reason I went to Causeway Bay. Not for Time Square, not for any good food, but to look for this traditional culture. Locals believe that villain hitting(打小人) could help to curse the villains that would be bringing bad luck to them.

Lunch was at Bowrington Hawker Centre. It was located at the busy Bowrington Rd where locals did their wet market shopping.

There were many food stalls in Bowrington Hawker Centre and Wai Kee(惠记)was one of them.

Wai Kee’s best sellers were the roast duck(烧鸭) and curry lamb brisket(咖喱羊腩).

Wai Kee was equipped with air-conditioner and the same was true for many other hawker centres in Hong Kong.

Wai Kee served Halal food and we were sharing table with two Muslim women.

The curry lamb brisket looked inviting. As expected, the lamb brisket was soft and gentle; the curry was thick, aromatic and appetizing. I could easily finish the whole plate of rice with the curry. Curry lamb brisket with rice was sold at HK$26.

Then, we went for our second lunch at Ho Hung Kee Congee and Noodles Specialist (何洪记粥面专家). When it came to wantan noodles, Ho Hung Kee was always on the top list. To maintain their standard and quality, there was no Ho Hung Kee branch in other area. So, how could we miss Ho Hung Kee when we were in Causeway Bay?

Full house

Delicious food did not have to be complicated. Ho Hung Kee has captured the hearts of many with just wantan noodles and wantan in clear prawn broth. Another signature dish was the stir fried flat rice noodles with beef (干炒牛河) which we were too full to try.

A meal would not be complete without dessert. A local in Ho Hung Kee recommended us Honeymoon Dessert (满记甜品) from Saigon(西贡). She told us that Honeymoon Dessert had a branch in Time Square.

No menu was needed as all the desserts were displayed nicely.

My first dessert was mango pancake (芒果班戟), HK$23.

Fresh mango and cream were wrapped with pancake into pillow shape. I liked it being served chilled.

Second dessert was Mango and Pomelo Sago (楊枝金露), HK$24. This was also a must-try dessert in Hong Kong. You can find it in most of the dessert shop.

Wai Kee 清真惠记
21 Bowrington Rd Wan Cai
Tel: 2574 1131
P/S: Wai Kee addresss is in Wan Cai. But it is very near to Causeway Bay Time Square. Please refer to the map link below.

Ho Hung Kee Congee and Noodles Specialist 何洪记粥面专家
G/F 2, Sharp St. East, Causeway Bay 銅鑼灣霎東街2號
Tel: 2577 6558
11.30am-11.30pm daily

Causeway Bay Map



Superbe «look» de certains édifices.

Et vos plats... juste les regarder et j'ai faim :o)

soo sean

Merci pour se laisser tomber près.
J'ai plaisir à voyager et nourriture différente témoin. :)


Wonderful, your blog even have a French-speaking reader. So, did you learn some "tricks" from the villian-hitting experience =)?

soo sean

Haha.... I am curious if he could understand my blog.

I only watched the villain hitting, but didn't dare to ask. :p