HK: Wan Cai

1) The Expo Promenade or Golden Bauhinia Square was located outside the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on the waterfront of Wan Chai. There would be a special flag raising ceremony from 7.45am to 8.03am daily unless it was in bad weather conditions. That was also if I could wake up at 7am or even earlier. Of course I did not make it. :p I visited the Golden Bauhinia Square in the afternoon.

Wan Cai Police Station on the way to Expo Promenade

2) Honululu Coffee Shop star product was their puff pastry egg tart(酥皮蛋撻). Different from cookies crust egg tart from Tai Cheong, puff pastry is light, flaky, unleavened pastry containing several layers of fat which is in solid state at 20°C(Source from Wikipedia). It was said that Honululu egg tart was more flaky with a total of 192 layers of puff pastry(normal pastry had 100 layers).

Honolulu Coffee Shop 檀島咖啡餅店
G/F 176-178 Hennessy Road Wan Cai

Tel: 2575 1823

Honolulu Coffee Shop

I ordered two egg tarts and one cup of Honulolu Coffee. One was never enough.

Closer look to the layers of puff pastry

3) We passed by Kam Fung Restaurant and were attracted by the crowd of people. This restaurant was another good choice for 3.30pm tea break. We joined the crowd and took away a cup of chilled milk tea and an egg tart. Did you notice that I said chilled milk tea and not iced milk tea? Yes, Kam Fung served their chilled milk tea without ice. Therefore, there would be no more diluted milk tea when the ice melts.

Kam Fung Restaurant 金鳳茶餐廳
G/F 41 Spring Garden Lane, Wan Cai 灣仔春園街41號春園大廈地下
Tel: 2572 0526
6am-7pm daily

Kam Fung Cafe

egg tarts fresh from the oven

Chilled milk tea

4) Cart Noodle(车仔麵) was a popular roadside food since 1950s. Street vendors were selling noodles with toppings to low income group using carts. It was also known as "filthy noodle" (嗱喳麵) for its poor hygiene. Later, the street vendors had vanished and the cart noodle was moved into more proper shops. Out of so many cart noodle shops, we have picked Cart Noodle Family(车仔面之家).

Cart Noodle Family 车仔面之家
G/F 1/A Anton St Wan Cai 湾仔晏顿街1号A
Mon-Fri 8am-7pm
Tel: 852-25296313

Cart Noodle Family offered stand-up meal(立食).

There was a bi-language menu on the wall next to the noodles counter.

A bowl of thin noodles with white radish, mushroom, pig intestine and etc. Delicious!

This was a very famous herbal tea stall in Wan Cai. Give it a try if you happen to pass by.

Wan Cai Map