China: Chengdu Snacks

In my humble opinion, Jinli(锦里) is just a very commercialized street next to Wuhou temple, same for KuanZai Alley(宽窄巷子). Since we did not plan to go to KuanZai Alley, we decided to spend a little bit time for Jinli.

entrance of Jinli

description and layout of Jinli

Starbuck in China

shooting game based on the Three Kingdoms

Local snack for tourists
I'll tell you in the coming post where did I get my local snacks, at a cheaper price.

some views in jinli

There are counters for different Chinese arts, for example sugar figures making(吹糖) and sugar art(糖画).

We tried some barbecued meat stick and steamed black corn at jinli snack street(小吃街).

After we left Jinli, we immediately looked for Red Star Rabbit(红星兔丁) on the same street. Being the top of Chengdu best tasting eatery list in dianping(点评) for months(or years), this little stall had caught my attention.

queue for the snack

assorted snacks, mainly braised snacks

We ordered the must-try snack, red oil rabbit meat(红油兔丁) , RMB10. We then watched her mixing the cooked rabbit meat and spring onion with different spices and chili oil before pouring it to a container.

This was Chengdu famous snack, soft and tender rabbit meat in flavorful red oil. The shop was just a takeaway counter. So, we had to stand by the roadside and share the snack.
It was good, remember to give it a try when you are in Chengdu!

Chengdu Jinli 成都锦里古街
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Red Star Rabbit 红星兔丁
180-5, Wuhouci Main Street, Chengdu