China: Visiting Du Fu

You are what you eat.

Physiologically, I felt I was energized after the lunch. ;)

The next itinerary would be visiting an "old friend" that we knew since primary school. He was definitely not a stranger to anyone with some basic Chinese literature knowledge. A taxi fare of RMB12 sent us to the place he stayed, Du Fu's Cottage(杜甫草堂).

the entrance of Du Fu's Cottage

Du Fu was a famous poet at Tang Dynasty with more than 1000 poems. He was known as greatest of the Chinese poets(诗圣). But we were so embarrassed when we found out that we did not know most of the poems in the cottage. :( So when we found one, we quickly took a shot with it. :) The poem, "此曲只因天上有,人间难得几回闻".

I was wondering which statue looks more like Du Fu.

Finally, we reached the thatched cottage that Du Fu stayed for 4 years. He had produced 240+ poems here.

The thatched cottage was very small. I was amazed that China government could turn such a small cottage into a museum which covers a total area of 20 hectares. This museum was rated grade AAA among China tourism spots.

inside the thatched cottage
Du Fu lived a very simple life.

Du Fu's Cottage
37 Qing Hua Rd
Qingyang District
Opening Hours: 8am-6pm(Ticket counter close at 5.40pm)
Admission: RMB60