China: An evening in Chengdu

It was our second visit to Chun Xi Road(春熙路). We were here the night before to get a thicker jacket for WK's mother. The weather in Chengdu was 8-12°C during our visit.

Cut fruit was available in many places and we had a lot of it, watermelon, water chestnut, pineapple and etc.

Seventy-One Dou Tang Fan(七十一号豆汤饭).
We had no idea how we walked there. But since it was one of the eatery in our list, we decided to have our dinner there. It was a fast food restaurant, where we had to queue up and buy our dinner.

enlarge for menu

Seventy-One Dou Tang Fan emphasized that they are using good seasonings.

We ordered 5 recommended dishes from the web.

Dou Tang Fan, literally means bean soup rice. The bean here was corn. If you do not like corn, they had chicken soup rice too. But since the shop was named Dou Tang Fan, we would not want to miss out trying their signature.

clock wise from left: braised pork belly (咸烧白)RMB6,three shreds cold dish(凉拌三丝) RMB2.50, steamed beef with glutinous(粉蒸牛肉) RMB6, pork slice cold dish(凉拌白肉)RMB7,eggplant cold dish(凉拌茄子) RMB3.

Look at the price. It was dirt cheap. The total dinner cost for 4 was only RMB28.50.
Strongly recommended for budget travelers.
We missed out the Mashed potatoes(土豆泥) as it was sold out. Their steamed egg(蒸蛋) and steamed pumpkin(蒸南瓜) looked inviting too.

Huge crowd of bicycle waiting at the traffic light

We slowly walked back to our hotel. On the way, we bought multi-layered puff pastry(千层酥) and pork floss roll(肉松卷) from Wen Su Yuan(闻酥园).

I did not arrange anything for that night because we needed to rest early for the 3D2N LeShan(乐山) and Mt Emei(峨嵋山) trip, which started the next day.

Seventy-One Dou Tang Fan 七十一号豆汤饭
BeiXin St Shidu Plaza Bldg B1,
Jinjiang district
Remarks: It was at the corner of BeiXin St, which is very near to the intersection of Renmin West Rd and Zongfu Rd

Wen Su Yuan 闻酥园
17-8 Dacisi Rd
Jinjiang district