China: Time Travel to the Three Kingdoms Period

If you read the Chinese historical novel, "Romance of the three kingdoms(三国演义)", then you must not miss Wuhou temple. It is a story of the fateful last reign of the Han dynasty when the Chinese empire was divided into three warring kingdoms, Wei (魏), Shu (蜀), and Wu (吳). Unfortunately, I do not read the book. Therefore, for more details of the story, please do some googlings. :)

Tips: Most of the tourism spots in China practice half price ticket for older people(above 60 or 65, depends) and student. So make sure that you remember to show them your passport or student identification.

the entrance to Wuhouci

weapons used by the three warriors

Liu bei's palace where we found the statues of Liu Bei (the emperor), Guan Yu (a general), Zhang Fei (another general), and Liu Zhan, the grandson of Emperor Liu Bei.

This temple was dedicated to The Oath of the Peach Garden (桃園三結義), where the three warriors Liu Bei, Guan Yu, and Zhang Fei became sworn brothers in a ceremony amid peach blossom trees.

Kong Ming court(孔明苑) had lots of display about Zhuge Liang and the three kingdoms. This Chinese historical story became lively when we visited Kong Ming court.

Tourist entering Liu Bei's tomb(刘备的陵墓).

the famous first Chu Shi Biao(前出師表) was a document submitted by Zhuge Liang(诸葛亮),Chancellor of Shu Han to Emperor Liu Shan(刘禅). In the document, Zhuge Liang explained the reason for Wei expedition and advise Liu Shan on governing the kingdom.

A year later after the first Chu Shi Biao, Zhuge submitted a second document, which was known as second Chu Shi Biao(后出師表).

Wuhouci 武侯祠
Entrance ticket RMB60
Opening Time: 08:00 - 18:00