China: Healthy and yet Delicious Lunch

Then it was lunch time.

As usual, I had already figured out a good restaurant within walking distance from Wuhou temple before the trip.

It was not too difficult to locate the restaurant as there were many cars parking in front of the restaurant.

Qinshanzhai restaurant 钦善斋

This cozy restaurant was serving Chinese medicinal dishes. You could find the explanation of the medicinal value for each dishes in the menu. I thought it would be expensive, but I felt relieved after reading their menu. The consequence was I ordered too many dishes, five dishes for four person.

A very classy and comfort environment for lunch or dinner.

The first dish that arrived was rib. Not bad!

The second dish we had was prawn(钦膳脆角虾). The corn snack was my favorite.

Nothing special to shout about for clay pot vegetables.
In Chengdu, there was few times where they did not serve the rice together with the dishes. We had to request for it. Weird.

We also ordered this supposedly healthy snack, fried Chinese yam. Chinese yam is also known as nagaimo, yamaimo, Japanese mountain yam or Korean yam. It is famous for its medicinal values.

It had very flaky and crisp skin.

This was the dish that I wanted to give 2 thumbs up. One for the good taste and one for best value.

Although a lot of Chinese medicine was used, but it was still very delicious. Fish and mushroom were the main ingredients. There was a portable stove to keep the soup hot. We finished one bowl after another because of the cold weather.

It was served with a plate of glass noodles and vegetables. After we finished more than half of the ingredients, we added them in and was glad to find that the soup was not diluted at all. That was not the end of the story yet. The greatest thing of all was this clay pot soup was priced at RMB68 only.

complimentary fruit

We were full to the brim. :)

****Sorry that I did not have receipt with me now. I will update the dishes name and single price later. The total bill was below RMB200, which I found very reasonable for a 5 star restaurant like Qinshanzai. ****

Qinshanzhai restaurant 钦善斋
247, Wuhouci Main Street, Chengdu