NZ D12: Mt Cook and Lake Tekapo

Highlight of the day:
1. The famous Lake Pukaki
2. Fresh salmon sashimi at High Country Salmon Farm
3. 4 hours return trek at Mt cook
4. Pampered stay at B2 Lakeview Apartment
5. Starry night at Lake Tekapo

Georgetown, Penang? 
 When we saw the glacier blue color, we knew that we were very close to Mt Cook.
 Look at the distinctive blue color!
 We stopped and enjoyed the lake view.
 Could you see Mt cook from this picture?
 I would have to agree that beautiful views are everywhere in NZ. Simply amazing!
 But before we visited the famed Mt Cook, we stopped for some fresh salmon. :-)
High Country Salmon Farm

 whole salmon
 Whole salmon was too big for us, we bought one piece of this salmon steak.
 Then, it was time for salsami. We just had to buy the biggest pack. :D
 It was so fresh. The meat was firm, juicy, sweet and melt in mouth.
 Two of us finished the whole plate.
 After the satisfying salmon sashimi, we continue our journey to Mt Cook.
 Now, could you see the Mt Cook clearer?

Here is another angle of Mt Cook

 We did a 4 hours return trek at Mt Cook. Even though we took many beautiful pictures, but they were just no way close. Actual scenery was stunning!
 swing bridge
 After 2 hours, we had a closer view to Mt Cook.

 the closest we could go

 bid bye bye to Mt Cook
 Lake Tekapo
 Our lovely apartment at Lake Tekapo that has a lake view.
 I was tired after the trek and decided to eat out and have Thai dinner.
 Thai Tekapo's menu
Lake view was one of the reason we picked this restaurant.
 seafood tom yam
 green chicken curry
 Church of the Good Shepherd(day)
Church of the Good Shepherd(night)