YTL Cameron Highlands Resort: Breakfast and English Afternoon Tea

Breakfast @ The Dining Room

The Dining Room

Every morning, the waiter or waitresses would bring us one basket of warm and delectable pastries and two glasses of fresh fruit juice. The pastries were so good that we left nothing behind.

The homemade fruit spread on the table quickly caught our attention. They were perfect match to the pastries. Besides fresh fruit, cereal and yogurt, hot items were available upon order. There were 6 hot items and we managed to cover 3 hot items during our stay. All the breakfast dishes was cooked with premium ingredients and beautifully plated.

Two waffles filled with banana butterscotch, topped with strawberry compote and king island cream. On the side, there was a cinnamon crusted mango tempura.

Nicely done poarched egg on a bed of mushroom. This was relatively small portion, but taste wise okay.

Big breakfast with hash brown, sausage, bacon, baked tomato and two eggs with your choice of cooking. The upper plate was scrambled egg and the lower plate was omelette.

English Afternoon Tea @ Jim Thompson Tea Room

We arrived CHR at 2pm+ on our first day, which was a bit late for lunch, so we opted for afternoon tea instead.

Jim Thompson Tea Room 

Baby Phin Zhe and I love the sofa here, definitely baby friendly.

plates and cutlery set up

3 tier filled with delectable bits and 2 pots of tea of your choice

It was so happen that we just had afternoon tea at delicious, Strait Quay the week before, so again we were comparing the two. Well, Cameron Highlands Resort afternoon tea was not bad, but it was also not very outstanding. Given a second choice, I would opt to have lunch instead of afternoon tea because the lunch was much better.

Stay tune for my next post where I will blog about my lunch and dinner in CHR.