Sg: Day2-2 Lion City Frog Porridge狮城瓦煲活田鸡

After landed on Singapore again :), I went straight to this New Lai Lai(新来来) at Lor 9 Geylang for clayplot frog porridge. There are many stalls selling claypot frog in Geylang, but this is the good one. By the time the food is served, it is almost 9pm. Porridge is a good choice for late dinner or supper. It is definitely a comfort food when you are over hungry as it is gentle on the stomach.

frog legs in Chinese Kung Pao Sauce

Ginger, Spring Onion and Dried Chili.....the 3 important ingredients in making a good Kung Pao Sauce

Beef Kway Teow sitting opposite, but I can't take in anymore

Lion City Frog Porridge
235 Geylang Road (Lor 9)
5pm to 3.30am daily