Sg: Day1-2 Go East for Katong Laksa 加东叻沙

Singapore National Dish, Katong Laksa, a variant of Laksa Lemak is originated from an area called Katong. It is a bowl of rice noodles, fish cake, shrimps and cockles in thick coconut broth, garnished with finely shredded laksa leaves. The rice noodles and fish cake is cut into smaller pieces, so that the entire dish can be eaten with spoon alone. The most important step is to mix a spoon of homemade sambal chili paste with the laksa before you start eating.

There are 4 famous stalls(47, 49, 57, 328) or more in the same row. I have compared 49 and 328 on the same day. If I am not mistaken, 328 is the older laksa stall and 49 is quite new. However, both stalls is supported by their big group of laksa fan.

49 Katong Laksa Stall

Photos and Awards

A bowl of Katong Laksa is always complimented with otak and a glass of barley drink

After that, I moved to the opposite shop, 328.

Still photos everywhere

Same order, but the chili paste is served separately

If you were to ask which stall is better, I will go for 328. There might not be a big difference in the katong laksa, but I feel that 328's otak tastes better than 49's otak.

Little opinion, do not compare it with penang laksa or any other laksa, take it as a new dish. I am sure you will like it too. To me, it definitely worth travelling down for a bowl, or two.

Katong Laksa @ East Coast Road
MRT Station: Paya Lebar (Might need to take a bus fr MRT Station)
$$: sgd6/set consists of laksa, otak and barley drink

328 Katong Laksa
49 Katong Laksa


shih nyien

You really good le, I haven't try any of this stall before :p but I did eat a Katong Laksa from other stall, still TASTE Good :) Like it.

soo sean

Shih Nyien: I start to miss Katong Laksa.