Sg: Day3-1 Hometown Restaurant故乡四川酒楼

China town in Singapore is a very happening place. There are shop houses on both sides of the roads, and in front of the shop houses are stalls again, selling all sort of things that you can name. I spent my time walking on the streets, browsing the shops, searching a gift for myself or someone....

Chinese likes red Lanterns as deco

My friend recommended this little restaurant. Need to have very sharp eyes to locate this restaurant as it is again, blocked by some food stalls in front of it. I also noticed that most of the customers are from china. Does that mean it sells original szechuan dishes? For that, I need to go to SzeChuan and verify it one day. :)

Salty groundnut and sour cucumber & carot as appetizer

Lower Left is Sauteed Diced Chicken with Dried Chilli(辣子鸡)
Upper Left is String Bean Western Style(干扁四季豆)
Right is Sauteed Pork Sliced In Pepper and Chili(回锅肉片)
SzeChuan dishes are mostly salty, oily and spicy. Sounds very negative? No, no, no.....just that they are stronger in taste....Give me a beer, please. ;)

Most of the SzeChuan dishes need it - dried chili

Hometown Restaurant 故乡川菜酒楼
No. 25 Smith Street, Singapore 058923
6372 1602