Macau: Tasty Pork Chop Bun(Closed)

Started another day after a good night sleep.

This morning, I was supposed to hunt for Lau Kei Pork Chop Bun(青洲劉記猪扒包) at the northern of Peninsula Macau. You must be curious why did I pick Lau Kei instead of other shops which were more easy to locate. Here are the reasons.

1) Reviews were good. It was not popular due to its location, but believed to have the tasty pork chop bun I was looking for.
2) Pork Chop Bun was served from 7am-6pm, unlike some shops only served at certain hours.
3) It was within walking distance from my hotel, about 15 minutes walk.
4) Cheap. Cheap and yet good food.

Some interesting photos I took during the morning walk. I enjoyed walking in Macau and Hong Kong, but not in Malaysia. Travelling was different. But sorry that I couldn't remember which photo was first and which was last.

morning market selling vegetable, fruit, meat and breakfast.
Looked delicious, but we didn't try as we wanted to reserve space for pork chop bun.

An impressive overhead bridge with 8 escalators, and it was not a busy main road. At least, I didn't think it was.

We also passed by Macau Dog Racing field.

Prison, I supposed.

Not long later, we reached Avenida Do Conselheiro Borja(青洲大马路). Smile from my face, as I was closed to Lau Kei now.

Then, we reached this primary school(青洲小学), a very important landmark. Lau Kei was right behind the school.

This was not Lau Kei, this was Zao Kei(灶记) at the side of the primary school. Don't go to the wrong one.

The little shop behind the school with the Lau Kei(劉記) sign half-blocked by the plant.

Business was good when we reached there.

Enlarge the menu if you read chinese

another side of the menu

Fresh, tender and juicy pan fried pork chop in Portuguese Bun selling at MOP$11. The bun was warm and soft. That was the basic. The pork chop was one big piece of pork meat, not the normal type that added with flour, egg and etc. Even though there were bones, I didn't really mind. Pork bones were rather big, unlike fish bones. As long as it was delicious, who minds?

A plate of blanched vegetable at MOP$3.50. Definitely a steal.

I didn't manage to find the Milk Tea photo. Either I forgot to take or I accidentally deleted it. Next, we took a bus to Coloane to Lord Stow's Bakery. Considered first time leaving Peninsula Macau except the flight landed on Taipa.

Lau Kei Restaurant 青洲劉記
Avenida do Conselheiro Borja Macau 澳门青洲大马路
Tel: (853) 2830 9599

P/S: Lau Kei was not at the main road, so the primary school will be a big landmark.