Macau: Mak Si Fu = dessert master

There is always room for dessert and supper. ;)

It was drizzling but had no impact to our mood. We walked slowly to Senado Square. All the buildings look so different with the lights on. We joked and said we should repeat the heritage tour at night. But of course, we didn't do so.

Ruins of St. Paul’s at night

We also stopped by Tai Sing Kung(at St.Paul's) for chinese medicine tea.

There was a lot of good food hidden at the narrow lanes at both sides of the Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro(新马路). For the past, we only explored the Senado Square(市议厅前地) side. The Sopa De Fitas Ving Kei, Wing Kei Beef Offal, Hen You Fish Ball, Yee Shun Dairy Company, Margaret’s Portugese Tart and Pun Ving Kei Bakery are all at Senado Square side. So tonight, we decided to cover the opposite side, Leal Senado Building(民政总署大楼) area.

First, we came to this Tim Fat Vun Chai Chi(添发碗仔翅) . Vun Chai Chi was the cheaper version of shark fin soup. It boiled cheap shark fin in soup, added some mushroom, chicken meat and other ingredients, thickened it and served. Tim Fat had both possitive and negative feedbacks in the internet. I didn't want to try it(maybe I was full or maybe my instinct said it was no good), but I am very easy-going, so we entered the shop. ;) It was too bad Tim Fat said every customer must order at least one dish. So, we changed our mind and decided to take away the Vun Chai Chi.

We ordered the signature Fish Maw and Sea Cucumber Bao Chai Chi(招牌海参鱼肚煲仔翅). I seriously think this could be skipped. For MOP$45, we couldn't have ask for more(better ingredients). But the thickened shark fin soup could have tasted better.

Not far from Tim Fat, that was this Mak Si Fu Tim Pan(麦师傅甜品). Mak Si Fu had an extensive menu and I had a hard time deciding my dessert. At the end, I ordered walnut paste(合桃糊) and took away a box of black sesame paste with glutinious balls(汤圆黑芝麻糊).

Mak Si Fu bright sign.

Sweet dessert from MOP$10 to MOP$17.

My walnut paste at MOP$15

The funny experience with sweet paste was it didn't taste outstanding at the first spoon. Then, I started to doubt if the sweetness or the thickness was incorrect. And also questioning if I could finish it. But, one spoon after another, I finished the dessert without realising it. Yummy!

So where did I bring the black sesame paste? I will reveal in my next post. ;)

Tim Fat Vun Chai Chi 添发碗仔翅
18 Rua da Felicidade Macau 澳门新马路福隆新街18号
Tel: (835)66506211

Mak Si Fu Tim Pan 麦师傅甜品
42 Rua da Felicidade Macau 澳门新马路福隆新街42号
Tel: (835)2837 2435