Macau: Souvenir Shopping

We continue our souvenir shopping at bakery shops after Fong Kei. It was really difficult for me to stop buying as the bakery shops are seen sprouting all over Macau. Apparently, Koi Kei and Choi Heong Yuen were the two famous local bakery with branches all over Macau. Apart from these 2 shops, we also managed to locate Pun Ving Kei which is famous for its less egg coin biscuit(减蛋金钱饼).

In the early days, Koi Kei was only a pushing cart selling crunchy peanut and ginger candy. But now it had become the must visit shop in Macau.

almond cookies demo

peanut candy demo

Egg roll demo

This photo reminds me of the seaweed meat floss egg roll(紫菜肉松凤凰卷) that I had bought. Even though I haven’t opened it yet, but I had sampled some at their shop. Macau bakeries were very generous in giving samples to customers. So, I could make sure that what I bought was what I like. By the way, the egg roll was MOP$69/box.

The star product of Koi Kei - peanut candy(花生糖) at MOP$32/pack.

The peanut candy was coated with black sesame or the white sesame. The peanut candy was surprising soft and the fragrant remained in my mouth for long. I will definitely buy this again on my next visit.

Barbequed Japan Scallops(碳烧日本元贝), was a yummy snack too but sold expensive, MOP$40.

For Choi Heong Yuen, I only grabbed their famous almond cookies.

Red package was the original almond cookies(杏仁饼) and purple package was the almond cookies with thin layer of lard filling(肉心杏仁饼) . Remember the lady that I met at Fong Kei? She was the one who recommended me the almond cookies with lard filling. Her point was the lard could increase the smoothness of the cookies texture. After trying, I would totally agree with her.

One box had about 24 individual packs, good for distribution to colleagues or friends.

The size was bigger than 50 cents coin. One box was MOP$38 for original and MOP$42 for lard filling.

Bite size almond cookies at MOP$10 also available at Choi Heong Yuen. This was not bad too. For smaller size, the ratio between the crispy outer layer and crunchy inner cookies was higher. So, it tasted more crispy and more fragrant.

I like the package. I could just leave it on the coffee table, place one in my mouth when I want to and close the lid again.

Coin biscuit was Macau special snack. The main ingredients in coin biscuit were egg, flour, sugar and butter. With Pun Ving Kei less egg recipe, it was believed that the biscuit will be more crispy and fragrant.

Pun Ving Kei 2nd generation was making fresh coin biscuit for me.

Small quatity was available at MOP$10 and above while the packaged one was MOP$46. The coin biscuit with a cup of freshly brewed coffee had become my evening tea lately. I would say it is a biscuit than butter cookies fans should not miss.

Koi Kei Bakery 鉅記餅家

Choi Heong Yuen Bakery 咀香园饼家

Pastelaria Pun Ving Kei 潘荣记

1B Ruo Do Monte Macau 澳门大炮台街1B地下
1B Rua Da Palha Macau 澳门卖草地街1B地下

P/S: Pun Ving Kei was actually located between Ruo Do Monte and Rua Da Palha.



Wow! good post! We just returned from Macau and bought the black/white sesame candies too. But, don't seem to have enough though. The cut peanut candies coated with coconut are delicious too. Another old dessert shop at a side lane sells very good almond paste dessert, ginger paste dessert, etc.. The ladies in the shop claimed to have been in business for 50 years. If you don't spicy ginger, you may request for less ginger juice. Just loving it! Will definitely go back to Macau again.

soo sean

Hi Larling,

Did you read my post before or after your macau trip? I am so happy that you share your Macau experience with me.

I like the black&whitre sesame candies too. I am going back to Macau again this Oct and it is definitely in my to buy list.

If you have the details of the dessert shop that you have tried, please drop me a message. Would like to try it during my next visit.