Macau: A short trip to Taipa

We decided to drop by Taipa(氹仔). When we mentioned Taipa in English or Mandarin, most of the Macanese could not understand. But when we pronounced it in Cantonese - Tam Chai, only then they could understand. So, remember Taipa = Tam Chai.

Forgive me if I made a wrong statement as I only spent few hours in Taipa. To me, Taipa town centre was a tourist spot with a few famous streets like Rua do Cunha(官也街), Rua Direita Carlos Eugénio(施督憲正街), Rua Correia da Silva(告利雅施利華街) and Rua do Regedor (北與地堡街). With all the restaurants, cafe, bakery and stalls mushroomed in the centre of the city, it was worth spending couple of hours or even half a day in Taipa.

When we saw Serrdura, we were more than happy as we had missed Serradura on the
first night dinner.

Serradura was a dessert made of creme, cracker crumbs covered with soft egg white.

I bought the original flavour.

Flipping through the magazines in the shop while my legs restored some energy

We passed by Cafe Tai Lei Loi Kee at 2pm, but unfortunately they only served the Pork Chop Bun at 3pm. Since we had tried Pork Chop Bun at
Lau Kei, we decided not to wait.

We then saw Gelatina Mok Yi Kei(莫义记)before entered Ruo do Cunha. It was a corner shop and again, no chance to miss. Note the "gelatin(大菜糕)" and "durian ice-cream(榴莲雪糕)" in big font size. If you don't know what to order at any stalls, just order their specialities.

Durian ice-cream at MOP$10

Turning into Rua do Cunha, there was a long queue in front of Pastelaria Fong Kei(晃记饼家). I quickly joined the group. My initial plan was to buy Wife Biscuit(老婆饼) and Red Bean Biscuit(红豆饼). But during the long queue, I started to chat with an hong kong old lady behind me. We talked about food, from Hong Kong food to Malaysia food. She even shared with me her photos taken at Venetian Hotel. She then recommended me to try the meaty puff pastry(肉切酥) from Fong Kei. Since the Wife Biscuit and Red Bean Biscuit came in half dozen and couldn't last long(I had to travel to Hong Kong), I changed my mind and bought the meaty puff pastry. Basically, whole street were bakeries. Samples of food were given to tourists and tourists could slowly make their choices.

One roll was MOP$9

Pork with spices in thin crispy slices.

Serrdura 沙度娜
Rua do Regedor, Di Bao Quan Fu Cun, Building 1/6, Taipa, Macau
Tel: (835) 2883 8688

Fong Kei 晃記餅家
14 Cunha, Taipa, Macau 澳門氹仔官也街14號
Tel: (853) 2882 7142