HK: Mong Kok Evening Snacks

I was glad that I chose to stay in Mong Kok as it was a very happening spot days and nights. For the nights that I was in Hong Kong, I couldn't resist to shop, shop and shop in Mongkok. Part of the Fa Yuen St, starting from Dundas St to Argyle St was the popular Sport Shoes Street which open until midnight. There was also an Esprit Outlet that Malaysian will not miss out. Food wise, I was spoilt with choices. With the high population densities in Mongkok, many restaurants and franchises had started business here. It was really impossible to try all the restaurants with such a short trip.

Arriving Mong Kok in the 3pm, we started to explore Mong Kok with a map. It was not an easy task to locate this Super Spicy Fish Ball stall(勁辣魚蛋). This was a little rented stall outside a cafe. In Mong Kok, you would easily miss a cafe or stall as every little space in Mong Kok was fully utilised. Back to the Super Spicy Fish Ball, this stall was rated as Hong Kong No 1 Curry Fish Ball. One stick with 8 fish balls was sold at HK$5, which was quite reasonable. The fish ball had a tantalisingly spicy taste that one would not forget. (I am salivating now) The business could go up to 15,000 fish ball per day. For the fish dumpling, I would not say it was not good, but did not able to catch my attention compare to the fish ball.

spicy fish ball

fish dumpling

Next, we grabbed a cup of cold coconut sago drink from a nearby stall to remove the spiciness in our mouth. :p

Turning into Bute Street, there was a queue for the famous Pineapple Bun(菠蘿包) in front of Kam Wah Cafe(金華冰廳). Kim Wah Cafe had been selling this Pineapple Bun for more than 60 years. The name 'pineapple' came from the checkered top resembles the epicarp of a pineapple. A Pineapple Bun fresh from the oven was only HK$3.50. I liked the soft bun and the sugary top crust very much.

Super Spicy Fish Ball 勁辣魚蛋
G/F 174B Fa Yuen St Mongkok 旺角花园街174B号地下
P/S: Not too sure of the business hour. But noon until night should be opened.

Kam Wah Cafe 金華冰廳
G/F 47 Bute Street Mongkok 太子弼街47號地下
Tel: 2392 6830

P/S: Open for whole day

Mong Kok Map



150,000 fish balls per day!!? Where did you get the info? Or you estimated it by counting the sticks sold in a period of time =D? This will translate to 18k sticks and almost HK$100K/day.. Gosh! I'm are in the wrong field. I will start to learn making fish balls now..haha..

soo sean

I didn't expect you to read the figure and calculate it. I will be more careful with my post. ;)
I checked the figure again. Haha... I had added an extra '0', have corrected it.


The fishballs looked delicious! It's perfect during cold weather!!! :))

soo sean

That if only you like spicy food. Some blogger said it is too spicy. Hehe...