Macau: Guia Fortress and Sam Un Porridge

If you are observant, then you would have noticed that we had only covered 24 of the 25 heritage sites. Read the first 24 attractions here and here.

On the last morning in Macau, we came to the last historic monument, Guia Fortress(东望洋炮台) located at Macau highest hill, Guia Hill(东望山). If you refer to the
map that I had posted earlier, the nearest point to go up hill would be near Guia Hotel. Since we were staying in Pousada de Mong Ha, we walked to the cable car station and planned to take the cable car up. But the cable car was closed on Monday. Take note if you plan to take cable car as well. In the end, we took about 15 minutes to walk up to the light house.

Overlooking the entire Peninsula Macau, Guia Fortress was a historical military fort, chapel, and lighthouse complex that were constructed in the 60s. There was a lot of wall paintings in the chapel. However we were not allowed to get close or to touch the paitings. Camera flash was also prohibited.

model and the light house

After Guia Fortress, we rushed to Sam Un Loja de Canja(三元粥品專家) which was very near to the dessert place last night. Sam Un would close when the porridge is sold out or the latest at 12noon. Luckily when we reached there at 15 minutes to 12, the porridge was still available.

Few bakery shops were at the same street

Little shop in white

The signature porridge was gold and silver balls porridge(金 銀 丸 粥), aka beef balls and pork meat balls porridge. It was sold at MOP$16(small) and MOP$18(big).

The darker color was beef and lighter color was pork. There were 8 huge meat balls in one bowl.

If you asked for egg, the egg was added to the boiling hot porridge.

Once mixed, the porridge became thicker in texture. Porridge without egg was a little bland and the one with egg was more flavorful. Even tough it was not a special dish, but the meat balls were very fresh and juicy. As for the porridge, it was cooked long enough until the rice was completely disintegrated and turned into a creamy texture.

Then, we visited
Yee Shun again for our last dessert in Macau. After that, we checked out the hotel and took the hotel shuttle to ferry terminal. We departed to Hong Kong.

Sam Un Loja de Canja 三元粥品專家
44 Rua da Felicidade Macau 澳門福隆下街44號地下
Tel: (853) 28573171
7am-12noon , 7pm-12:30am