Macau: Traditional Bamboo Noodles

Since we need to drop the souvenir at the hotel, we took a luxurious evening snap. Then, we started to think of dinner. Another notable Macau food that we had not tried was bamboo noodles(竹升面). The name bamboo noodles came from the traditional technique where the noodles was pressed using a long bamboo stick. This technique was very time-consuming and many of the restaurant had stopped this practise. But Lok Kei was still maintaining the traditional way. Since the productivity was low, they only open for dinner. We took hotel shuttle to Lok Kei Congee and Noodles Shop(六記粥麵)at Sha Lei Tau(沙梨头). Mind you, do come early or prepare to wait. We reached slightly before six and the restaurant was almost full house.

Dinner order were prawn roe noodles and wantan soup set(虾子捞面及净云吞MOP$18), Fried Ying Yang(炸鸳鸯MOP$34) and Crab porridge(水蟹粥MOP$40). With the good memory at Bee Vee, we ordered the crab porridge again. The crab porridge was not bad. But we shouldn't had done that. Bee Vee had made the porridge so good that it was hard to beat.

The prawn roe noodles was really a hit. The springy bamboo noodles was mixed with soy sauce and topped with prawn roe which was fried with onion. When using a noodles maker, the pressure was at one side. But the pressure will be more even with bamboo and thus increase the stringy texture of the noodles. The noodles itself was already so smooth and springy, and the prawn roe added perfection to it.

Wantan was a surprise too. I was expecting good wantan from Hong Kong, but I didn’t know that Lok Kei served outstanding wantan with prawn roe noodles. Sometimes, we will come across wantan with thick wantan skin. For that, we can only taste the flour but not the wantan filling. You get what I mean, right? But, Lok Kei smooth and thin wantan skin would slide in your mouth! The thickness was not even the 80gram A4 paper, I would say it was about the a 70gram A4 paper. Descibing wantan paper in A4 paper, I must be crazy!

The last dish was Fried Ying Yang. There were the Fried Wantan and Fried Fish Ball in rice racker, came with two Lok Kei secret dips. When I said secret dips, that mean I had no idea what it is. The black one was like soy sauce mix and I bet the yellowish one had fermented bean curd in it. Give me a 2nd chance and I will sure find it out for you. ;) I guess the Fried Wantan was meant to eat the crispy wantan skin as the filling was very little. The Fried Wantan and the yellow dip was the best match. For the fried fish ball, it was different from Vee Bee. Vee Bee’s was pure fish ball and Lok Kei’s had other mixture in it. Both are okay.

Buses that will bring you to Lok Kei

That night, we left Lok Kei with satiated stomach and happy taste buds. This is another restaurant that I would highly recommend after Bee Vee.

Lok Kei Congee and Noodles Shop六記粥麵

1d Travessa da Saudade, Ribeira do Patane, Macau



You should say that the wantan skin is thin and soft like tissue paper =) For the secret dips, you should tapau them back and reverse-engineer them..haha..
I just finished lunch and reading this makes me want to eat more food =D