Bali: Day 1 (24/10/07)

The flight landed on Denpasar, Bali at 2pm sharp.

Bali Map

Kuta Area Map

The Airport Teksi Driver offered us Rp80k(~RM32) and later reduced to Rp60k(~RM24) per teksi to Kuta town. But then it is still far expensive, so we decided to take the recommended Blue Bird Teksi. However Blue Bird Teksi is not allowed to take customer in the airport. After coming out from the airport, turn to your right and walk straight until you are out of the airport compound. A short distance of walking but you save a lot. We paid Rp15k(~RM6).

Blue Bird Teksi

It was 3.30pm. We were too hungry that we stopped at Bamboo Corner, Poppies I for lunch before checking in to the hotel. The restaurant is famous for good food and reasonable price.

We have ordered:

Spagettie Marinara**
Ayam Goreng Kalasanx2**
Chicken C.Blue
Seafood Basket
Mie Goreng
Curry Chicken Rice
other drinks

and the bill turned out Rp167,000(~RM66.80) for 7 person.

Bamboo Corner Outside

Ayam Goreng Kalasan

Spagetti Marinara

Rp150,000/night for two, breakfast included (~RM60)

We spent quite some time to find out this KutaInn signboard. The room in Kuta Inn looks older than I have expected. If I would have given a second choice, I would have chosen another hotel.

Other Kuta hotels in my list:

KutaInn Signboard

Kuta Inn Outside

Kuta Inn Swimming Pool

Kuta Inn Garden

Kuta Inn Room

Later, we took a walk from Poppies II to Jalan Legian. Poppies I and Poppies II are very narrow one way with little shops along the road.

Poppies II

Landmark at Jalan Legian - The bombing memorial

The Peace Park, former site of the Sari Club on Jalan Legian

Dinner was at Kori Restaurant. We called earlier on to book a bale and it is so comfortable that some of us fell asleep after the dinner.

We were still full so we didn't order a lot of food:

Garlic Breads
Nasi Goreng
Ikan Pepes
Giant Meaty Spare Rib
Jumbo Mix Juice**
Other drinks

and the bill was Rp410,000(~RM164) for 7 person.

Kori Outside

Garlic Bread and Drinks

Simpati Card

On the way back, we stopped by one of the convenient shop, bought a local sim card at Rp17,000(~RM6.80) and reload card at Rp20,000(~RM8). For the rest of the days, we use it to call our hotel, driver and restaurant at a lower rate.



hi, i already email kuta inn for room reservation but no reply yet n its already 1 week. May I know how u make a booking last time?
Do we need to call them? thanks!

soo sean

After reading my comments, you still want to stay in kuta inn? A little advise: you can always ask for room change if you feel that there is a need.(if room is available)

When are you going? For email booking in Bali, expect more than 1week for reply. But you should always resend your email after a week in case they have missed out your email.


coz i hv limited budget, so hv to choose cheapest hotel to stay :p
furthermore i only stay a while in hotel, coz 1st day i will reach bali at nite, n the last day my flight is early in the morning. Is the condition very poor?

soo sean

The rooms are very old. But since you just need a place to sleep, I guess it is still ok.


taxi so cheap. I think I took taxi from jakarta airport to Nikko hotel cost me a lot more. :(

soo sean

That only apply to Blue Bird taxi. The rest of the taxi fees are sky high.