Bali: Long Preparation

It was back in the early August 07 when I booked the AirAsia end Oct 07 flight ticket to Bali.

RM414.98/two way,include flight,airport tax and insurance

Since then, I had started nearly 3 months of preparation for my Bali trip. If you key in “Bali” in any search engine, you will be surprised with pieces of information that is being returned. Therefore, you can definetely go Bali on your own.

Here is some of the references that I used:

A very detailed documents by a taiwanese traveller, Whan

Chinese travel forum

English travel forum

Bali travel guide
My 8 days itinerary:

Money Changer:

I have a few money charger name cards with me. I will just give them a call to check on the rate. The best rate that I could get is from one of the money changer in Queensbay, Penang.

RM1 = Rp2675.

I took some crazy shots after I have become millionaire.

But, how to convert prices in Rp to RM?
A simple way is to take away 4 zeros and multiply by 4.
For example: Rp720,000 --> 72x4=RM288



Hi Soo Sean,
I enjoy reading your blog abt the bali trip. I will visit Bali end of the year, do you mind to send me yr itinerary for my reference. my email ID is

Many thanks.


Well-done!! very detail & quite interesting!
I will go to Bali on April 2009.
Thank you for your explanation.


soo sean


Bali was my first travel log.
I am glad that it is still useful to you after two years.
Have a great trip!


Against written behind closedoor&Barang,XPasahanblue,X29,X19-3,X13,X7&Xpo kee restaurant.;]