Bali: Day 2 (25/10/07)

Sunrise in Bali is much earlier than in Malaysia. It gets very bright before 7. So, we were all ready for garden breakfast by 7am. Even tough the room condition is not satisfying, but the garden and breakfast area are well decorated.

Breakfast for two

After the breakfast, we took a walk to Kuta Beach. The beach was pretty quiet, except for a few surfers in the waves. Maybe it's still too early. Bali is well-known as a perfect tropical surf paradise and Kuta beach owns the specific characteristic wave of Indian Ocean that is good for all surfers from the beginner until the professional. In Kuta, you can always find visitors with their surf boards walking on the streets.

what we did at Kuta Beach
couple jogging

How they keep the beach clean

I never know that uncle mc-donald likes surfing too

creativity in all the Polo Shops here

Sonia Outside
Sonia Inside
We dropped by Sonia and bought some aromatherapy products. Sonia has a few retail shops in Kuta area and it has gained the popularity among the taiwanese.

When we were hungry, we just hopped into Blue Bird and told the driver to send us to Ayam Bakar Wong Solo. A few members of the trip have rated Wong Solo as the Best Meal in Bali. The dishes here are very close to the Malays sytle.

Blue Bird from Jalan Kuta Pantai to Wong Solo, Jalan Raya Kuta costs Rp11,000(~RM4.40)

Ayam Bakar Wong Solo
Wong Solo bill was Rp179,000(~RM71.60) for 7 person.

Ayam Bakar x3**
Ayam Goreng x2
Cah Brokoli
Kangkung Belacan**
Tahu Goreng
Tempe Goreng
Sambal Terong**
Other drinks

Wong Solo Outside

Don't forget to try the sambal

the 1st and best avocado juice I had in Bali

It was still too earlier to meet our driver. So, we took the teksi to Matahari at Kuta Square where we started our first shopping in Bali. We bought some Bali T-Shirts and Tango Mango Sweet. Not much. Everyone is not warm yet.

offerings everywhere

Bali Driver

I have chosen Made Wijaya as our Bali driver after asking quotation from a few short-listed drivers. The reason being is he drives a good condition 7 ppl MPV and offers a better price. Made didn't turn up for this day and he was replaced by his brother, Ketut. This is very common and happened to many tourists. I have no complaints because his brother did a good job too. But if you do mind, I guess you can talk to Made.

Our Uluwatu half day tour:
Nusa Dua Beach
Uluwatu(Kecak Dance)
Jimbaran Seafood

Compare to Kuta, there are many luxurious hotels in nusa dua areas. Thus, the place looks cleaner and less congested. After taking some photos at the beautiful beach, we headed towards uluwatu.

Nusa Dua Entrance

Nusa Dua Beach

Coconuts at Uluwatu Rp7000(~RM2.80)

The sun was still high up. We had some coconut drinks in front of the entrance. Entrance fee to the temple is Rp3000(~RM1.20) per person. The temple was built on a steep cliff 70 meters above the roaring ocean waves. I was warned by all the travel posts that the monkeys here will snatch tourist's belongings, such as sunglasses, cap, bag and even earings. The local will happily help you to get your belongings back but you need to pay tips. We were all safe as we have removed all the possible targets. But, it happened to one of the tourist. His sunglasses was snatched by the cunning monkey and by the time he got his sunglasses back, I guess he will need to buy a new one. It happens everyday at uluwatu temple. Try it if you don't believe.

watching from the uluwatu temple

watching the uluwatu temple

There are many traditional dances in Bali. Kecak dance, Barong dance, Legong dance.....just to name a few. Kecak dance is always perform during sunset, ~6pm. The unique part of the dance is there is no musical accompaniment. The dancers will create the rhytm by chanting monkey chorus. Although I didn't get the full story, but it was a great way of experiencing Bali culture.

kecak dance costs Rp50,000(~RM20)

Kecak Dance and Sunset

Sharkey's Seafood

By the time we reached jimbaran, it was dark. The atmosphere at Sharkey's is good and they have live band to play from table to table. And again, of course you need to pay tips. Approximately Rp25,000(~RM10) for 4 songs.

Sharkey serves fresh and live seafood. You pick the seafood and they grill it for you. The food we ordered are:

snapper 1.4kg - Rp126,000
garaupa 0.8kg - Rp72,000
Squid(2 types of cooking) 2kg - Rp170,000
Clam 1.5kg - Rp90,000
Other drinks

Sambal kangkung and rice are free. Seven of us spent Rp400,000(~RM160) for the dinner.

Jimbaran Seafood

We reached the hotel at 9 something. We paid Ketut the full day trip rate(Rp300,000, ~RM120) instead of half day trip rate(Rp200,000, ~RM80).

Updated 31/10/08:
Ayam Bakar Wong Solo finally came to KL.

Ayam Bakar Wong Solo
No. G18 & G19
Jalan Dagang B/3A
Taman Dagang
Kuala Lumpur

Tel No: 03 – 4270 1947