Bali: Day 5 (28/10/07)

On the 5th day, we went to Bedugul. We didn't manage to cover many places. First, we went to Pura Ulun Danau Bratan, followed by Lake Buyan, Spice Market and Strawberry Stop. Pura Ulun Danau was the highlight. We were a bit disappointed with Lake Buyan and Spice Market. Lake Buyan just look like any other lakes. One even said if you show the photo to others, most likely they can't tell it is Lake Buyan. Spice Market is exactly a mini Cameron, selling vegetables, fruits and spices.

When we came out from Strawberry Stop, it was drizzling. By the time we reached Botanical Garden, it was pouring rain. No place to go. Made sent us back to Greenfield. On the way back, we dropped by an insignificant stall for Bali Guling.

Pura Ulun Danau Bratan is located next to Lake Bratan

most photograhed temple in Bali

Join me for Strawberry Juice

Fresh Strawberry Juice and Strawberry Milk Shake

Yummy Strawberry Pancake

Nasi Babi Guling

At about 4 something, we came out to Ubud Market. Ubud Market has almost everything for tourist. But, the prices here are marked few times higher. Well, it's a great place to sharpen my bargain skills. I noticed every stalls is selling almost the same goods, making the market very competitive. Thus, they will normally give in if you pretend to leave.

Same as Bebek Bengil, we had to order the Banana Chicken at Satri's Warung one day earlier. Satri's Warung is very close to Ubud Pasar, so we walked there. The signboard at Jalan Monkey Forest lead us to the hidden courtyard. It was a family running business, totally different dining experience compare to the earlier restaurants. I could even heard the kids screaming," ada tetamu"(have visitors) when we walked in.

Banana Chicken Set x2** Rp250,000
Other drinks
Total bill was Rp348,700(~Rm140) for the night.

Keropok, Salad, Fried Vege, White Rice and Banana Chicken