Bali: Day 4 (27/10/07)

Made came to Greenfield at 8.30am. Our first destination was Pura Gunung Kawi Tampak Siring. This temple is “memorable” because to reach the temple, we had to make our way up and down quite some stairs. Honestly, there is nothing really special about the temple. But, it still worth the trip as we were managed to see two balinese activities at Tampak Siring.

1. Pig Slaughter – I dared not to watch it. However I could still hear the sound of desperate pig. My point is unless you stop eating meat, else there is no point to feel sorry when you see slaughter. Ha. A bit out of the topic.

2. Balinese bath in the river - Taking a bath in the river is a daily activity for Balinese in rural area. For unmarried women they usually use a piece of clothes to cover their body. But for married women, most of them are nude. Staring at a nude woman is considered to be impolite, so I quickly turned my head away. But I was happy to have witnessed the local activity.

Tampak Siring

The next temple that we visited was Pura Tirtha Empul. Pura Tirtha Empul was very happening with the visit of a big group of students. I wanted to take a photo with them. But look at the photo, I was blocked by all the overexcited kids.

Can't you see me?

locals bath with the holy water

At noon, we stopped at Puncak Sari for buffet lunch. All the Kintamani Restaurants serves normal buffet. I guess it makes no different which restaurant you are going. Most of the restaurants provides a great spot for the beautiful scenery of Mt Batur and Lake Batur.

Lake Batur

Mount Batur

Puncak Sari Buffet

After lunch, we went for Tegallalang shopping. We found it impossible to shop from one end to another end. According to Made, tegallalang shops are more than 10km long. Made will stop when we found any interesting shops. There are many shops selling carved wood, paintings and other handicraft at a very reasonable price. From then, I started to believe that every balinese man knows wood carving and painting.

Wood Carving

behind the shop

On the way back to Ubud, Made stopped us at one of best spot for rice terraces. I had seen flat paddy field many times but that was the first time I saw rice terraces. We took a lot of photos at the amazing view.

breathtaking view

We reached Greenfield at 4.30pm, still have enough time for swimming before the dinner. Greenfield has a salted warm water swimming pool next to the paddy field. I was in such a great mood that I took a lot of photos which I dare not to view it now.

Greenfield swimming pool

Dinner was at the famous bebek bengil. For smoked duck, you need to order one day in advance. We thought we would order more, but we only managed to finish two set of Balinese Smoked Duck.

Balinese Smoked Duck x2** Rp350,000
Other drinks

Total bill was Rp 452.760.

Dirty Duck Diner outside

Smoked Duck Set