Bali: Day 3 (26/10/07)

Ubud Travel Map

Same breakfast again

Perama ticket from Kuta to Ubud was bought one day earlier. Ticket is Rp30,000(~RM12) per person. We called Blue Bird to pick us at Kuta Inn. Actually Perama is within walking distance, just that we had luggages to carry. So, we paid Rp10,000(~RM4) for one teksi.

Perama Station at Jalan Legian

Perama bus departed at 10am and took more than one hour to reach Ubud Perama Station. However, we didn't feel impatience at all. We were all first timer to Bali. For the whole journey, we were busy looking at the streets, building, vehicles and local people.

Greenfield is just few doors away from Perama Station. Greenfield and tegalsari(next to Greenfield) are very popular bungalows in Ubud. If you are travelling during peak season, try not to book the room at the very last moment.

Pizza Bagus serves a wide variety of pizzas and pastas. Besides Italian food, they do serve Indonesian food and western food. But I would still strongly recommend that you give a try to the pizzas. You will never be disappointed. The thin bread base is full of toppings, the vege, meat, sauce, herbs and cheese.....perfect match to each others.

The bill was Rp196,000(RM78.40) for:

Pizza salami & peperoni**
Pizza bagus**
Spagetti Carbonara
Spagetti Matriciana
Tiramisu x2
Other drinks

Pizza Bagus Outside
The whole afternoon was spent for Spa. Sedona Spa provides free transport within Ubud town area. Lucky or unlucky, I was given a room with paddy field view. I took the Lavender Package which include Javanese Lulur, Facial and Hair Cream Bath. The package is Rp200,000(~RM80). First, i was asked to take a shower. Then, the Javanese Lulur treatment started with one hour of traditional oil massage. It followed by a turmeric scrub and yogurt mask. It ended with a warm and soothing flower bath. It was almost 7pm after I finished the facial and hair cream bath.

room with view

it is me!
We felt refresh and good appetite after the spa treatment. This round, we ordered quite a lot and it was the most expensive dinner in Bali. Rp610,000(~RM244).

Indonesia Rasjtafel** Rp210,000
Wayans Chicken Curry Rp43,500
Cumi-cumi Kemangi Rp62,500
Nasi Campur** x2 Rp70,000
Death by Chocolate
Other drinks

Nasi Campur is actually a subset of Rasjtafel. There is no need to order Nasi Campur if you are going to order Rasjtafel. But Rasjtafel is a bit pricey. So, if you are having a tight budget, maybe you can just order Nasi Campur. Both dishes is good.

Nasi Campur

Risjtafel which is enough for 2-3 person

award winning cake

After the dinner, we took some walks along Jalan Monkey Forest. Most of the shop was closed as the shops in Bali close around 8-9pm. Greenfield provides free transport within ubud town. So, we gave them a call and their driver came to fetch us back.



Hi, which spa is better in terms of ambience and skill? Verona Spa or Sedona Spa? I was thinking of trying out one between this two...

soo sean

Hi, they are quite similar and comparable. It is hard to compare the skill as you will get different people to serve you. I remember Verona interior/design is better compare to Sedona. Price wise, Sedona is slightly cheaper. Another difference might be Sedona provides return transport, but Verona only provide one way transport. Hope this helps.