Bali: Day 7 (30/10/07)

Today schedule is kind of relax and lazy. We stayed in Ubud and didn't do much walking or sight-seeing. We started quite late with Ubud Palace. Ubud Palace offers a glimpse of life as balinese royal.

Babi Guling Ibu Oka

Babi guling is famous local delicacy which should not be missed and this Babi Guling Ibu Oka is located just opposite the Ubud Palace. The little stall serves babi guling(roasted suckling pig) with rice for a very cheap price. All in all, we spent less than Rp20,000(~RM8) per person for lunch.

still empty as we went there too early

crackling pig skin

Verona Spa

Later in the afternoon, I decided to try Verona Spa. Verona Spa is located at Jalan Monkey Forest and it only provide free pick up. So, I need Greenfield to pick me up after the Spa treatment. This time I have selected 3 items to entitle a 10% discount.

My treatments(Rp162,000,~RM65):
1 hour Balinese massage
Pedicure with design
Medicure with design

Again, I was given a paddy view room. I guess other rooms are all occupied. This time it is an open space! Look at the photo below. I tried to hide behind the plants when I took my shower. The feeling was heird.....

entering Verona Spa

so close to nature

nail art

showing off again

Today is the last night to have dinner in Bali. I have made a silly mistake that we almost have missed this famous Nuri's Spare Ribs. In my reference notes, I had jotted down Rp500,000(~RM200) for one set of Nuri's Spare Ribs. We were hesitated because it is quite pricey. But at last, we still decided to go for it as it will be our my last dinner in Bali. Luckily we went. The spare ribs cost less than rp50,000(~rm20).

A regular shipment of fresh tuna will arrive on every thursday. I had missed it as I did not have a thursday in Ubud. You have to come a little bit early as the place is always packed.

barbeque ribs on the way

finger linkin' good