Bali: Day 8 (31/10/07)

Made's friend sent us to the airport after breakfast at 10.30am. 5 ppl and luggages have filled up the car. There wasn't much photos being taken on this day. So, I will show you some greenfield photos that I had taken.

For ubud hotel, I would highly recommend Greenfield as I had a pleasant stay here. I had stayed in Greenfield bale bunga room for 5 days. The initial room rate is Rp250,000(~RM100) and I got 10% discount from their administrator, Ms Feny. I am not sure if the 10% discount was because I had a long stay. Anyway, you can always write in and ask for the price.

Each morning, I will have to scratch my head and decide on the breakfast. Yes, my 5 days would be enough for me to try almost everything. But then, I will always miss yesterday breakfast that I would love to have it again. They have fried noodles/rice for heavier breakfast, pancake/jaffles/toast bread for light breakfast and you can choose to have fruit juice or fruit salad as a complement. For the good breakfast and free transport services that Greenfield provides within ubud area, It is definitely well worth the rate that you pay.

wall painting that lead you to greenfield reception
public area overviewing the paddy field

closer view of the paddy field

different room rates

bale bunga rooms

bale chempaka

bale sandat

cheap laundry provided

breakfast menu

fried rice and fried noodles
banana jaffle
banana pancake with honey

"now everyone can fly" translated in Indonesia language

P/S: I spent about RM1000 for the trip excluding flight ticket. And, please remember to keep Rp100,000(~RM40) for return airport tax.



Hi, may I know how to make a reservation on green field bungalow? thks.

soo sean

Hi, Green field link is at my day3 page. Anyway, here you go.

It is better to place your name or nick, so that I can greet you. :)


Thanks, anyway how to get a discount from them?

soo sean

Li, I wrote them email and asked for best price. You can try tegal sari as well. It is just next to green field.