Bali: Day 6 (29/10/07)

Waking up is not a issue at all in Bali. Every morning I will wake up naturally before 7am. The feeling of waking up naturally is so great, as your body will slowly adapt from deep sleep to a calm awakening. And, the best way to rest your tired body before sleep is to enjoy a full body massage in your room. Last night, I had a traditional massage in my room and it was really one of the best way to pamper myself.

room massage price list

The day started with a visit to Celuk Village, the center of Gold and Silversmith. I cant even remember the name of the shop because all the gold and silver works are so expensive. They have earings, necklaces, pendants, rings, bracelets and other accessories. I was trying to get myself a pair of silver earings but was told that nothing in the shop is less than Rp125000(~RM50). Emm... I thought silver is very cheap only. So, we made a move to the next destination.

briefing on gold and silver crafting

part of the shop

Sukawati Art Market is very close to Celuk Village, selling all sort of handicrafts. I am not a big shopping fan. Furthermore I had been to tegallalang and ubud market. These 3 places are selling the same handicrafts except that tegallalang has more wood crafts. My friend bought a wooden handicraft at morning price(should be cheaper) and the shop owner used the notes to touch his goods. According Balinese, this will bring good luck/business to them.

first deal of the day

What have brought me here is the luxurious civet coffee(kopi luwak by the Indonesian). Civet coffee is made from beans that have passed through a civet cat's digestive tract. The civet will pick the perfect berries and thus producing the highest quality of coffee bean.

The coffee tour includes explanation from the coffee berries on the tree up to packaging the coffee bean and a coffee tasting session. The in house tour guide told us that even you can find their kupu-kupu brand kopi bali in supermaket or airport, but you need to come to the factory to get the export quality coffee. We left the factory with one box of coffee bean and coffee powder. Later, we did buy one packet of the same brand from supermarket for comparison. No way, you better make sure you come to the factory.

the bean harvester

arabica coffee tree

female bean has an oval shape and flat on one side
male bean(peaberry) is smaller and rounder

coffee painting

civet coffee costs usd150

Since most of the trip members miss Wong Solo so much, so we had lunch at Wong Solo again. This is the only restaurant that we went twice during our Bali trip. After lunch, we went to Geneva. It is 3-storey shop, first floor is selling furniture, second and third floor are selling handicraft. Second floor and third floor have different owners, but basically the handicrafts sold are not repeatable.

This is really a one stop handicraft centre. If you don't have time for ubud market, tegallalang or sukawati, just come to Geneva. Another great point of Geneva is everything here is fixed price, so it is heaven for those who don't know how to bargain.

Tanah Lot was the last stop. Need no explanation, Tanah Lot is one of the famous spot for visitors. Normally the temple is surrounded by water. You can only get close to the temple when it is low tide. We went in the evening for sunset. But, we didn't manage to see sunset as it was too cloudy.

Tanah Lot temple

Ayam Tulang Lunak Malioboro
99 Jln Hanoman Ubud
Dinner was at Ayam Tulang Lunak Malioboro, which is next to Bebek Begil Dirty Duck Diner. As the name implies, the speciality here is their Ayam Tulang Lunak. I have captured the explanation in their menu.

Ayam yang diPRESTO dengan benar, tulangnya akan menjadi LUNAK oleh kerenanya dapat dikonsumsi dengan AMAN. Tulang dan sumsum adalah sumber KALSIUM dan ZAT BESI, konsumsi dalam jumlah yang cukup sangat bermanfaat bagi kesejatan TULANG, GIGI dan jantung.

In short, they claim that their chicken bone which is high in calcium and zinc can be consumed. And in fact, I found that it is so crispy that you couldnt tell that you are actually eating a chicken bone.

Ayam Presto Goreng 1/2 ekor
Ayam Presto Bakar 1/2 ekor
Gurami Goreng
Bandeng Presto Dlm Sarang
Lalapan Segar
Other drinks

Two members had left in the morning. And the rest of us spent Rp170,625(~RM68) for the dinner. Quite cheap for 5 person, right?

Attractive food photos on the wall



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hi, sorry to bother u again.
May i know where is Ayam Bakar Wang Solo, Geneva & Bintang supermarket located? kuta or ubud?

soo sean

Ayam Bakar Wang Solo is at Kuta, Geneva is at Denpasar and Bintang supermarket is at Ubud. None of them is within walking distance from your hotel(asumming kuta inn and greenfield). You can take teksi to Wang Solo/Geneva, greenfield can send you to Bintang.

If there is more that I can help, feel free to ask. You are also welcomed to leave comments on posts other than Bali. :)


thank you.
If i want to tk teksi from greenfield to sukawati, is it very expensive?
and can i tk teksi from kuta inn to greenfield? how much will it cost?

soo sean

For greenfield to sukawati, my best guess is RM20-RM30. Kuta Inn to greenfield might be more than RM50. Not too sure about it. But make sure you get a Blue Bird teksi. (refer to my 1st day post)

Teksi is expensive. I wonder if u want to get half day rental car(5 hours). Then you ask them to drop you at Sukawati, Geneva and even more places, then only send you to greenfield.


Soo Sean, thanks for sharing this information...billf