HK: All time favourite snacks

1) Custard Tart

Tai Cheong egg tart was well-known as 'Fei-Paang egg tart'(肥彭蛋撻) because it was the last Hong Kong Governor, Chris Patten's favourite. When I bought the egg tart, it was still warm. The cookies crust was thicker than the usual one, but very buttery and crumbly. And, the custard was very creamy, rich and smooth. Super delicious! Definitely not to be missed if you are in Hong Kong! I also tried their egg puff which was not bad too. They were selling the egg tart and egg puff at HK$5 each.

Tai Cheong Bakery
35 Lydhurst Terrace, Central 中环摆花街35地下
Tel: 2544 3475
Tai Cheong Website

I heard the japanese couple saying oishi after trying the egg tart.

Please mark that egg puff only available after 11am.

Egg tart

Egg puff

2) Chan Yee Jai was another childhood memory of many hong kong locals. Chan Yee Jai had been selling authentic hong kong snacks for more than 80 years and probably will sell for another 80 years or more. I only tried one of their famous snack, bean curd roll with shrimp roe selling at HK$12. Next time I will try other snacks?

Chan Yee Jai 陈意斋
G/F 194 Queen Rd Central SheungWan 上环皇后大道中194号地下
Tel: 2543 8414/ 2543 8922
Mon-Sat 10am-7.30pm, Sun 10am-6.30pm
Chan Yee Jai Website


Bean Curd roll with shrimp roe(虾子札蹄)

Where is the shrimp roe?

After few more bites...

3) Eggettes or egg waffles(雞蛋仔)

I know North Point(北角) Eggettes is the best. But if there is an equally good eggettes in Central, why not? I went to this shop twice as the eggettes were sold after 3pm. Luckily the eggettes were nice, they were crispy outside and soft inside. Later when I was back in Malaysia, only then I found out that the coconut tart, egg tart and custard bun(流沙包) were their top selling items too. :(

Maria's Bakery
A G/F Heung Lam Bldg, 23 Connaught Rd, Central中環干諾道中23號香林大廈地下A鋪
Tel: 2525 8841

7.15am-11pm daily

Maria's Bakery

We didn't need to enter the shop for eggettes. There was a window counter for it.


4) Century Egg

I know everyone will say that I am crazy.

This little stall only open from 2pm-6pm, selling century egg and salted egg. I bought 4 century eggs in a box, carried it for the whole day and to the victoria peak. It then followed me back to hotel and back to Malaysia. But I can assure you that the century egg was really delicious. The egg white was dark brown but transparent jelly while the egg yolk was dark green and cream-like substance. It was the best century egg I had tasted so far.

顺兴行 Soon Heng
Tel: 2544 1911/ 2543 4655
Mon-Sat 2pm-6pm

queue for the egg

century egg with ginger



Wah tapau century eggs! That's a first! :P But the egg tarts make me salivate. :( I'm still waiting for your posts on the dim sum that you had. :)

soo sean

Initial plan was to have it somewhere in Hong Kong. But we were always full and didn't get a chance to do that.

Looks like many people is waiting for the dim sum post....hehe