HK: Avenue of Stars and Symphony of Lights

We travelled from Sha Tin to Tsim Sha Tsui. It was still early for Symphony of Lights. And shopping was the easiest and most preferred way to kill time.

You are not going home with empty hands.

The Avenue of Stars was located along Victoria Harbour Front, Tsim Sha Tsui, and that was also the best viewpoint for Symphony of Lights. As compared to Hollywood Walk of Fame, I found that I could recognise more Hong Kong stars.

Reserved for Leslie Cheung, but he was not be able make it

Hand print of Hollywood Star from Malaysia, Michelle Yeoh

Symphony of Lights was staged at 8pm. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, the soundtrack was in English; on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday it would be in Chinese; and Sunday it would be in Cantonese. I was quite disappointed with the presentation as it had nothing special and was quite boring. Anyway, spending half an hour watching Hong Kong night scenery with breezing winds was not a bad idea.

Symphony of Lights

In Tsim Sha Tsui, we also saw Mister Softee(富豪雪糕) . Mister Softee was originated in United States, was introduced to Hong Kong since 1970s. So, it was childhood memory for many Hong Kong people.

Mister Softee Van

Mister Softee ice-cream at HK$7

The Sweet Dynasty(糖朝) that we did not have a chance to try.

We had not tried any Hong Kong style roast meat until that very day. So we decided to have that for dinner.

Wing Hap Lung(永合隆) was famous for its roast pork. Jacky Chan once ordered one whole roast pig from this restaurant for his father’s birthday.

the counter

photos taken with superstars

You can opt for the rice to be served in bowl or plate. I opted for bowl. A bowl of rice topped with your selection. Did it not give a taste of old style restaurant? The first one was roast duck and boiled chicken with rice(烧鸭和白鸡饭).

The second bowl was roast pork with rice(烧肉饭). Do not be cheated by the appearance. The roast pork was much better than it looked. And it was definitely better than the roast duck and chicken. If I am to go again, I will go at lunch time. Not many choices were left when we were there because we were late. Or else I would have tried their golden chicken(金钱鸡). It was sold out.

Wing Hap Lung Restaurant 永合隆饭店
G/F 392 Portland St Prince Edward 太子砵蘭街392號
Tel: 2380 8511
Tsim Sha Tsui map
Prince Edward map



I dont think Wing Hap Lung is in Jordan.

Portland Street is at Mongkok near Prince Edward MTR.

soo sean

Hi Nighteyes,

Thanks for your comment, I have corrected it. I hope it did not bring you much trouble. If yes, I am sorry about it.