HK: Random Photos @ Sheung Wan & Central

Before I blog about food again, here are some non-food photos taken in Sheung Wan and Central. Being the central business district of Hong Kong, I noticed that everyone here walked faster, ate faster and talked faster. As a tourist, I enjoyed taking my own sweet time, watching and observing....

Antique Tea House with their famous macaron.

Tai Heng Roast Restaurant was overpacked during lunch.

The long staircase in Hong Kong movies or series.

It was not an ordinary street lamp. It was the gas lamp at Duddell Street(都爹利街).

Skyscrappers in Central

Another famous restaurant for wantan noodles, Tsim Chai Kee.

The Independent Commission Against Corruption, ICAC. If you watch hong kong movies, then you will know why. :)

Came to a street that was selling all the antique stuffs

Western Market, an Edwardian-style building in Sheung Wan

Man Mo Temple

St. John's Cathedral

Maps would be helpful if you want to have a stroll.
Central Map
Sheung Wan Map