HK: Lan Fong Yuen(兰芳园) vs Sing Heung Yuen(胜香园)

This day, our plan was to explore Sheung Wan(上环) and Central(中环) in Hong Kong island. We allocated one whole day for it and at the end of the day we would take a cable car up to Victoria Peak. But before that, we had to take breakfast. So, we visited Lan Fong Yuan(兰芳园) and Sing Heung Yuen(胜香园) in Central. They were famous old stalls selling typical hong kong breakfast.

We reached Lan Fong Yuen old shop, but it was closed for renovation.

So, we walked to Lan Fong Yuen new shop at the same street.

In case you didn't notice from the previous photo, both Lan Fong Yuen shops were located at a very busy market street.

Their signature Nissin Noodles with Chicken Chop was only available after 11am. The same happened to many hong kong restaurants or cafes, certain food at certain time. Therefore, please check carefully to avoid disappointment. I ordered a pork Chop Bun(猪扒包)which was not even close to the Macau Pork Chop Bun I had.

The ice milk tea was nothing special. I was quite disappointed as Lan Fong Yuen was supposed to serve the best Hong Kong style milk tea(絲襪奶茶). The Pork Chop Bun and ice milk tea set was HK$25.

Few days later when I passed by here again, I was surprised to see Lan Fong Yuen old shop was re-opened. I decided to try the Nissin noodles with chicken chop and give a second chance to the milk tea.

menu 1

menu 2

This round, I had hot milk tea instead of iced milk tea. It was a lot better. I believe it requires certain techniques and experiences to make a good cup of milk tea. Milk tea prepared by different people will taste differently.

The Nissin noodles with chicken chop(鸡扒捞丁). It was not bad, but not up to my expectation. Noodles and Milk tea were available in set, HK$24.

I also ordered salty lemon drink(咸柠七) at HK$16 to be taken away. It was a very common drink in Hong Kong where soft drink, normally sprite or 7-Up was mixed with salted lemon. How was it? If I didn't try the same drink from Sing Heung Yuen, then I wouldn't know that it could be better.

Overall, I was not satisfied with Lan Fong Yuen food and drink. As a 50+ years old shop and pioneer in hong kong sytle milk tea, I was expecting something more than that.

Since I only had Pork Chop Bun in Lan Fong Yuen(I hope you didn't get confused, some of the above food was during my second visit to Lan Fong Yuen), we moved to Sing Heung Yuen which was only a few streets away. If you come here, remember to order their tomato soup series.

Photo shown was Tomato Macaroni with Chicken Wings(番茄鸡翼通粉) at HK$22. Macaroni was very common in Hong Kong breakfast. To be honest with you, I do not like tomato soup or tomato juice. But this tomato soup base was okay for me.

They had an extensive menu. It took me quite a while to go through the toast choices. In the end, I had butter, honey and Lemon crispy toast(牛油檸檬蜜糖脆脆). It was a good combination. I couldn't find the price for each items again. But the total bill of tomato macaroni, toast, milk tea and salty lemon drink turned out to be HK$51. Quite reasonable considered the stall was in Central.

Hot milk tea and Salty Lemon Drink
As I had said earlier, this salty lemon drink was very tasty. Highly recommended.

Opposite was the Kau Kee Beef Restaurant(九记牛腩) that we were going to have our lunch. It was not opened yet. ;)

This picture was taken when I came back for beef noodles. Look at the crowd. Try to avoid peak hours if you do not like the crowd. In Hong Kong, I went for breakfast after 9am, lunch after 1.30pm and dinner before 6.30pm or after 8pm.

Lan Fong Yuen vs Sing Heung Yuen and the result was very obvious, right? ;)

Lan Fong Yuen 兰芳园
Old Shop:
G/F2 Gage Street Central 中环结志街2号
Tel: 2544 3895/ 2854 0731

New Shop:
G/F4-6 Gage Street Central 中环结志街4-6号

Tel: 2850 8683
Mon-Sat 7am-6pm, close on Sun

Sing Heung Yuen 胜香园
G/F2 Mei Lun St Central 中环美轮街2号
Tel: 2544 8368
Mon-Sat 8am-5.30pm, close on Sun

Central Map



Your expectation is really high =) Must always taste like near-heaven's food for you =D

I know what to eat for breakfast tomorrow =P

soo sean

Haha...So what was your breakfast?


Breakfast was jawa mee because the tomato soup reminds me of that =)