HK: most warnings post

At 5pm, we made a move to the tram station to The Peak and Madame Tsussauds. I did something stupid. I was in the line for ticket and not long before my turn, I found out that I did not need to queue up for the combo ticket. The combo ticket was available at another counter near Jacky Chan wax figure. Combo ticket for two-way tram and Madame Tsussauds entrance was HK$150.

Queuing for the ticket

The combo ticket counter was next to Jacky Chan

I like the tram design. The red was for holiday mood.

At Madame Tsussands, we spent about an hour taking funny photos with the wax figures. It was fun!

Night view was great at such height. However, we didn't stay long for the night view because we plan to go for famous claypot rice at Sai Wan. I was warned that the place was always full and the wait time was long. Furthermore, I didn't make advance booking and had a risk of not getting a table. Warning 1: Make a booking if can. Please go as early as possible for walk-in. You might not even get to eat if you go too late.

Down from the peak, I was waited at the bus stand. Ten minutes passed and there was no sign of bus. So, I decided to walk to Central and take public transport from there. When I reached Queen's Road Central, I thought Queen's Road West was not far away. So we started to walk, and it was like never ending. We thought of giving up and looked for bus when we were at Sheung Wan. But right before we could get into the bus, a local told us that Kwan Kee was not far from there. We hesistated and missed the bus. So, we started to walk again. One street after another. I told myself that I am not going to believe in the local's estimation anymore as they are expert in walking. I couldn't remember how long it took. Probably a decade. But at last, we saw Kwan Kee sign.
Warning 2: Don't over estimate yourself. Refer to the map at the bottom. It takes about 15 minutes to walk from Sheung Wan MTR Station. Tram would be a better choice, nearest station is Des Voeux Road West(德辅道西).

We waited for about half an hour before we were given a table.

It was not difficult to make the order as I had done the homework. The pork bone broth(猪骨煲) sold at HK$90 came with two types of vegetables. Warning 3: It takes time to cook the claypot rice. Order some other dishes if you are too hungry.

There were some white radish, bean curd skin and sweet corn besides the huge pork bone. Judging from the ingredients alone, one could already tell that the broth must be very concentrated and sweet. A portable gas stove was provided to keep the broth boiling. We were seated outdoor in the cold night, so it was good to have something hot.

Close-up for pork bone. Probably you would ask what could be eaten given a pork bone? Well, there was still a lot of meat, tender and gelatinous. It was so tender that the meat fell off the bone. And finally the most delicious part of all - the bone marrow. In more proper restaurant selling bone marrow, straws will be provided for you to suck the marrow. Without a straws, I still managed to suck the marrow. Perhaps you won't like it, but I enjoyed it very much.

We didn't feel it was that long as we had pork bone broth to fill our time and stomach. Before I could finish the broth, the double sausage and chicken claypot rice(雙腸滑雞煲仔飯) sold at HK$51 arrived. Did I mention that the claypot rice here was charcoal cooked? That was the main reason for the long wait time. Different from the claypot rice in Malaysia, we had to add the soy sauce ourself. When the soy sauce was added to the claypot, I could even hear the sizzling sound. The claypot rice was simply marvelous. Every bite was a delight.

Another pot was white eel and frog claypot rice(白鳝田鸡煲仔飯) sold at HK$44. I would not want to comment on this dish as I did not try it. Warning 4: Place all your order once. A second order of claypot rice might easily take you another hour.

Normally there will be some burnt rice stick to the side of the claypot. Don't scrape off the burnt. We poured in some pork bone broth and the burnt rice fell easily. We scooped the crunchy burnt rice together with the broth. I learnt this from a hong kong blogger.

Warning 5: There is no English menu and they hardly speak English. There was English speaking couples getting translation from another table when I was there. You may copy down the dishes in Chinese before you go.

You might need translations for some other famous dishes:
Lamb brisket broth 枝竹羊腩煲 HK$90
Chili Crab 避风塘炒蟹 Season Price
Pepper Salt Squid 椒鹽鮮魷 HK$45

It was a perfect night! What more could I ask?

Kwan Kee Restaurant 坤记煲仔饭
G/F, Wo Yick Building, 263 Queen's Road West, West Point

(Next to McDonald's, at Kwai Heung Street)
香港西環皇后大道西263號和益大廈地下 (桂香街內)
Tel: 28037209
Kwan Kee Map