HK: Wong Tai Sin & Sha Tin

Next, we took MTR to Wong Tai Sin(黄大仙) station. This station was named after the famous Wong Tai Sin temple. I am not going to blog much about the temple. In fact, I spent less than an hour in Wong Tai Sin temple. To me, it was just another temple although it was one of the most famous shrines in Hong Kong.

stalls selling joss sticks outside the temple


entrance to the main altar

Coming out from the temple, I spotted Lung Cheung Mall(龙翔中心). There was a shoe shop, Red Spot having great sales. Shoes were sold at half price. We spent very long time in the shop, but did not manage to buy anything because they did not have our sizes. Anyway, I had captured the shop entrance, so you could try your luck next time.

Lung Cheung Mall

Red Spot

Then, it was lunch time. We planned to have roast pigeon at Sha Tin(沙田). Again, we simply need to take MTR to Sha Tin station. This was what I liked about Hong Kong. Most of the places can be reached with MTR. Even if it was not reachable by MTR, we could easily reach there with other means of public transports.

The shopping Mall next to this station was New Town Plaza. We had to delay our lunch as we were ‘lost’ in the shopping mall. ;) There was a Snoppy World at 3rd floor. I was not a Snoopy fan, but since I was there I paid it a visit. (If you are, you might also want to check out Charlie Brown Café in Hong Kong.)

snoopy house

snoppy playground

snoppy world from far

When I wanted to go for my lunch at Keung Kee, I could not find the restaurant. I thought it would be very near to the station. But this time it was not. A local advised me to take the same bus with her and she would show me where to get down. I followed her but the restaurant was not far if you knew the way. I actually walked back to the MTR station after that. I will show you later, after the lunch, ok?

Keung Kee Seafood Restaurant

the 1st item from the left is roast pigeon(驰名红烧乳鸽).

Then I spotted special tea time promotion for dim sum from 2pm to 5pm. All big(大点), medium(中点) or small(小点) items were sold at HK$10 each and special(特点) items were sold at HK$13. I took a look at the watch and it was 2.05pm. So, I happily looked for the dim sum ordering list.

the dim sum ordering list

other menu

chinese tea

The roast pigeon(红烧乳鸽) was not big. It was about the size of two drumsticks. I would think it was perfect for two sharing.

Fish paste in bean curd roll(鱼滑鲜竹卷) - Big

Keung Kee Prawn Dumpling(强记虾饺皇) - Special

Steamed Pork Rib in Mixed Soya Sauce(豉汁蒸排骨) – Big

The dim sum was only prepared upon orders. So you could get fresh and piping hot dim sum. We did not plan to have dim sum that day. We could not resist when we saw the tea time promotion. But we had no regret as the dim sum was very nice, especially the prawn dumpling. I would think that it was even better than Fu San in Ipoh. After the dim sum at Keung Kee, I was looking forward to the dim sum on the following day.

Before I forget, their chicken and abalone porridge was sold at HK$12 per claypot for dinner. For lunch, it was at normal price HK$22. So we did not order. If you are here for dinner, you can order this as I heard that it is not bad too.

From New Town Plaza, after crossing Sha Tin Town Hall, then you will reach this river. The bridge in the picture is Sha Tin Rural Committee Rd. Keung Kee was located at the ground floor of the tall building at your left at the other end of this bridge. Please refer to the map link at the end of this post.

Ending this post with the 2008 Olympic symbol at Sha Tin.

Rivervine Keung Kee Seafood Restaurant河畔強記雞粥海鮮酒家
G/F 20-30 Garden Rivera Tai Chung Kiu Road Sha Tin
沙田大涌橋路 20-30 號河畔花園地下
Tel: 2646 0928
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